About us

Hi, my name is Gabrielle, and I’m the founder of Oualichi Cosmetics.

The why:

I was inspired to create Oualichi Cosmetics after seeing my mom, who suffers from Trichotillomania, struggle to find realist looking and high quality affordable lashes for everyday wear, work and night out.

I thought: “ I have to help my mom and people just like her”.

Hence, after much research and collaboration with my mom, Oualichi Cosmetics was born to provide, clean, affordable cosmetics safe enough for people with sensitive skin.

Our purpose is to allow people to express their beauty however they feel fit while being unapologetically them.

The name:

Why Oualichi Cosmetics? I’m from the beautiful Caribbean island Saint-Martin/ Sint- Maarten. The ancient Arawak name of my island is Oualichi, which means “ land of strong, beautiful women”. That is the perfect definition of my mom who is also my role model and inspiration. Here at Oualichi, our aim is the empower, motivate, educate and inspire all, to find that strength, confidence and radiate beautifully.

My Afro- Caribbean, West Indian and European heritage is reflected in some of my designs.

Here at Oualichi Cosmetics, there’s something for everyone, go be “unapologetically beautiful you”

- Gabrielle from Oualichi Cosmetics