Press on nails


What are your nails made of?

Both our Classic and luxury press on nails lines are made from good quality gel nails. Our luxury press on nails line is made from superior and thicker quality gel nails.

What is included with my press on nails?

Each set comes with an application kit which includes a nail file, cuticle pusher and nail adhesive tabs.

How do I apply my press on nail?

When ordering press on nails, a «  how to » application card will be included in your package 

How long can I wear my press on set?

When properly prepping your nails, our press ones can last for over 2 weeks when applied with nail glue. With our nail tabs, nails can last a couple of hours up to one day.

Can i reuse my press on nails?

Yes, you can. For press ons applied with our adhesive tabs, simply remove the tabs and clean the area with isopropyl alcohol. For press ons applied with nail glue, file away the glue with the included nail file prior to reapplying then cleanse the area with isopropyl alcohol. Do not use acetone.

Will my nails be a perfect replica of the design that is in the picture.

All sets are handmade with care and attention. Due to the handmade nature of the product, nail sets may differ slightly from the picture shown.

Should I choose natural or sculpted nail shapes?

In our Luxury press on nails collection, Our natural nail shapes are recommended for people with flatter nail beds. Our sculpted shapes are recommended for more curved nail beds. To ensure a correct fit, we recommend purchasing a sizing kit for the desired shape.

What size should I get?

With our classic press on nails, no size guessing is required. All sizes are included. For our luxury collection, please refer to our sizing chart for sizing information.

What if the nails I received don’t fit me?

We highly recommended that you order a sizing kit or refer to or sizing chart prior to ordering sets.Due to the handmade nature of our products, we cannot accept returns and are not responsible for wrong size ordering. You can however order replacement nails for most sets.

When will I receive my order?

All orders with made to order items ( example press on sets) are fulfilled within 4 - 14 business days. All other orders will be fulfilled within 10 business days. Please note that fulfillment does not include shipping time. Also, due to our geographical location, fulfillment and shipping may be delayed.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to most countries, and offer flat rates or free shipping to most countries also. Please check out our shipping policy for more details